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What is Think Domains

Hello everyone…First off this blog/website is NOT about domain investing. There are several very competent domain investing bloggers (See Domain Blogs Tab). This Blog/Website is dedicated to small to medium size business making decisions on what direction their companies will go and how to utilize selecting and marketing a domain name today. It will also be for the business person that needs a domain consultant, because in today’s world, your domain name is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your business. Think Domains is here to help with that and will be posting domain and business information on what direction your business needs to go to achieve your internet presence.

Exact Match Domains

This is from Jamie Zoch at on why exact match domains are important…

Building Your Business with a Domain Name

WAKE UP SMALL BUSINESS PEOPLE ! You are not Google, Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, REI , Starbucks or anyone like these big businesses. You are, however,

Cart Before the Horse ?

Recently in discussions with 2 business owners that wanted to know what to do with their product websites and how to grow their business, I

Control Enter

Hello all you small business owners. Just finished helping a client understand the domains that needed to be used for his business. During the conversation

From This To This

This is a typical example of a service vehicle. The majority of business people do this without even thinking because it has been the norm,

A Domain Extension is Important

So you have a great idea or a business and you have decided to look for a domain name for your business. Where will you

We Are DEDICATED to the Small to Medium Sized Business Industry

If you are a small to medium size business owner you have come to the right place. At Think Domains our main goal is to help you make the right decision on one of , if not the most important decision you will ever make in marketing your business on the internet today! Building your internet marketing foundation will be a major step in your success, I guarantee it.


You are not Google, Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, REI , Starbucks or anyone like these big businesses. You are, however, some of the backbone of the world. Take that in for a minute…

If it wasn’t for all the outstanding small-medium business in this world, where would we be today? The incredible automotive body shops, the small landscaping business, that great restaurant on the corner, the plumber that comes out on the weekend, the tow truck guy that wakes up in the middle of the night to help you, the nurseries that supply all of the green things you need for your homes, the window cleaners that clean huge buildings or small ones or the food vendors on the corner that just make that special sandwich you were craving for. You could go on and on, I see it every day.

And as a small business person, WHY would you take one of the most valuable things you can do for your business and NOT USE IT correctly?! Your domain name, that’s right, one of the most single important things you will ever do for your business is one of the very last things a small business owner thinks of… Seriously, this is NOW and whether you like it or not, phone books don’t get you business anymore. The internet does and it works 24-7. Every small-medium sized business person today should be thankful that we as small business people have the opportunity that big business people have always used. I say Thank You, Thank You, and Thank You. What are you saying ?!