A Domain Extension is Important

So you have a great idea or a business and you have decided to look for a domain name for your business. Where will you start and who do you believe ? There are many experts out there that will tell you what to do, however I prefer to just tell you the facts on using domains with your business.

Your name of your business is your business name and may not be your internet name. Thats something you need to learn in the small to medium size business world.

Fictional Example:
Business Name; MarkOneGroupLLC who sells auto parts and Internet Name;  MarksParts.com, MarksAutoParts.com, PremiumAutoParts.com, MParts.com, OnePart.com and many many more variations. In addition you would also register your actual name MarkOneGroupLLC.com and MarkOneGroup.com (This is an example, this company is an actual company on the web not our example)

Many many companies however will use their business name. MarkOneGroupLLC.com for their actual website domain which in fact is a terrible choice. Unless you just want a non factor website where it really does not matter in your overall scheme of things.

Next is what extension to use ? You should always go with .com if that is available. If its not, try and buy it from the current owner if its available and yes your domain is that important. Many of the registration companies will tell you to look at other options such as .net,.org, and new gtld’s like .xyz,.co,.link,.club etc. I would never register another domain other than .com for your internet¬†business unless you are dead set in choosing a certain name. But you have to remember that if the .com has that same name, you will be giving them traffic, that is a proven fact. People will assume that your name is .com and go there first, and whats worse is if that company sells like items , that will be a lost sale, plus you may end up with a trademark/copyright/service mark issue if one is registered.

These are things that may not matter to you for your business, but in the end your domain name is that important. Choose wisely and hopefully this will help you.