Think Domains is about the Business of Domain Names

Think Domains is about business and domains. How they intertwine and can create a solid foundation for success on the internet today. In plain language, Domains help any business succeed…PERIOD! 

Now its just a matter of what domain you choose starting at the extension. This is where intends to help small to medium-size businesses succeed at selecting a domain for their business. is NOT about domain investing. I will offer some advice on domain investing as it pertains to a business and the value it will bring to that business. There are some outstanding domain investor sites listed in domain blogs tab, but the focus here will not be on investing or selling. This website/blog will be focused on business, domain names for business and internet development of your business.

The Author: The publisher of is Dave Robb, web developer, internet business consultant and domain investor who has over 30+ years in the retail, service industry, wholesale markets and business start-ups from video stores, restaurants, distribution, and manufacturing. 

During 1997 I discovered domains and the value I perceived for my business. Unfortunately, back then was like the wild west and no one knew which way things would turn out. Several people invested heavily in domains in the 1998-2002 and those people achieved success with several of their wise investments. Investing in some domains became a sideline to my job/business I was involved in at any particular time, but never far from the surface. I purchased some names along the way that were valuable to myself or a business. Now after 18 years of learning I feel that the Think Domains blog can help others by guiding you into smart decisions that will help your business today. 


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