Avoid hyphens and numbers in a domain name

Domain Hyphens

Choosing a domain name is like picking a nickname for your online presence. It should be memorable, reflect your brand, and be easy to find. While hyphens and numbers might seem like a quick fix to snag an available domain, they can actually hurt your website in the long run. Here’s why you should steer clear of them:

  • Think Speak-Easy, Not Spellcheck: Imagine telling someone your website address over coffee. Hyphens turn into awkward pauses (“So it’s [invalid URL removed]?”). Numbers can be even trickier (“Is it 4seasons or fourseasons?”). A smooth, easy-to-pronounce domain sticks in people’s minds.

  • Typosquatting Trouble: Hyphens and numbers are typo magnets. A visitor mistyping one tiny character could land on a completely different site. This is especially risky if the typo leads to a competitor’s domain!

  • Less Brand, More Spam: Clean, hyphen-free domains project a professional image. Hyphens, on the other hand, can make your website look outdated or even spammy. After all, who wants to trust their credit card info to “[invalid URL removed]”?

  • SEO Savvy: While search engines don’t penalize hyphens or numbers directly, a clear, keyword-rich domain name can give you a slight SEO edge. Skip the numbers and hyphens, and focus on keywords that describe your brand.

Creative Alternatives:

So, what if your dream domain with perfect keywords is snatched up? Here are some creative workarounds:

  • Get Crafty with Plurals and Synonyms: Think “[invalid URL removed]” instead of “[invalid URL removed]”.

  • Consider TLD Options: Explore domain extensions beyond the usual “.com”. “.co” or “.net” can offer fresh possibilities.

  • Think Outside the Box: Sometimes, a completely unique and brand-specific domain can be the best way to stand out.

Remember, your domain name is your online storefront sign. Make it clear, memorable, and inviting