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Exact Match Domains

This is from Jamie Zoch at on why exact match domains are important…


How many domains to have for your business?

How many domains does your company utilize in your business ? The larger companies have acquired anywhere from 100 to thousands for their brands. Yes


Building Your Business with a Domain Name

WAKE UP SMALL BUSINESS PEOPLE ! You are not Google, Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, REI , Starbucks or anyone like these big businesses. You are, however,


Cart Before the Horse ?

Recently in discussions with 2 business owners that wanted to know what to do with their product websites and how to grow their business, I

Business Tips

Control Enter

Hello all you small business owners. Just finished helping a client understand the domains that needed to be used for his business. During the conversation

Business Tips

From This To This

This is a typical example of a service vehicle. The majority of business people do this without even thinking because it has been the norm,


A Domain Extension is Important

So you have a great idea or a business and you have decided to look for a domain name for your business. Where will you