Domain and Internet Consulting​

I offer complete internet and business consulting service combined from extensive experience in both areas.
You will find that using my services will be of great benefit to you and your company. Whether you are established or not, it takes a whole new thought process to incorporate the internet and choosing the correct domain. If you would like to set up a consulting appointment, please use the contact page to do so and I will arrange a specific time.

The initial consultation of discussing your needs will be free. The actual consulting of course, is not free. I charge a very reasonable rate for using my expertise and connections within the domain and business industry.

Some things to consider:

  • Pick a good business name.
  • Don’t assume your new name will be available, but there are options to this.
  • Do not assume you know how to market on the internet.
  • Ask Yourself “What Domain would I choose” Write them down.
  • Do you really understand your internet presence is a building block to success but not the only thing that will create a profitable business. You must combine all the internet building blocks.
  • Don’t ask your friends to make your website, it does not work, you will never get an honest opinion, unless that person is a developer and understands your business needs, then I would refrain from you or your friends building your internet foundation.
  • If you are good at baking, be a great baker, but hire someone that knows domains and small to medium size businesses. Yes it is that important to have a consultant that can help point you in the right direction for today’s internet.
  • After you think you have made a good business decision, take a couple of days, go back and pick up that piece of paper and look at it again. Do you still believe you have made the right choices?