Control Enter

Hello all you small business owners. Just finished helping a client understand the domains that needed to be used for his business.

During the conversation I reminded him of the power of the click. How people would just enter a name in the URL area and hit control + enter which is a shortcut to add the .com at the end. I have done this thousands of times.

Recently I found that more and more people are doing the shortcuts like these and assuming the domain name is a .com. However, as I have stated many times this is not the case in several businesses. They may be using .net,.us,.co, or .org (Plus many new extensions). So what happens is the person will C+Enter after a name and go to another website giving them the traffic and possibly a sale if there are like products. It happens all the time.

Strive to be the best with your domain name, get a .com first and then you get the traffic and not your competitor.